General Paper is primarily a skills-based subject that requires students to be competent in both expressing and analysing opinions, while showcasing relevant and up-to-date knowledge of current developments.
This series of workshops provide a learning framework for writing, argumentative and comprehension skills.
Students will learn how to set a direction and tone for their essay as well as how to generate quality ideas.
In addition, analytical and linguistic skills needed for the comprehension component will also be taught.
Venue: Bugis Branch
Please see the schedule below. If the dates or timings are not suitable, please let us know as we may be forming new classes.

Each session lasts 2 hours.
No. Topic Date Day Time
1 Paper 1: The difference between ‘Should’ and ‘Can’; Dealing with Comparative questons 23 Feb 18 Fri 7 - 9 pm
2 Paper 2: SAQ; Summary Skills 30 Mar 18 Fri 1145 am - 145 pm
3 Paper 1: Dealing with Ranking questions; Questions that cast scepticism on issue 20 Apr 18 Fri 7 - 9 pm
4 Review of Paper 1 Skills in preparation for Mid-Year Exams 27 Apr 18 Fri 7 - 9 pm
5 Review of Paper 2 Skills in preparation for Mid-Year Exams 11 May 18 Fri 7 - 9 pm

If the dates are not suitable, just let us know as may be forming new classes.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at or call 6513-1433.