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How the GrayMatter Program Helps Students

H2 Mathematics is an important subject pre-requisite to many university courses like Business Analytics, Computing and most Engineering course including BioMed, Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Environmental and Industrial & Systems Engineering.

The GrayMatter JC Maths tuition program helps students relate Mathematics to real-life situations. Our eventual aim is not just to help students develop practical examination techniques to achieve an  A, but also to cultivate an appreciation and passion for Mathematics.

To be able to solve complex Math problems, students need to develop perseverance, robustness in thinking and sensitivity to patterns which are practical life skills. Students who start to appreciate the elegance and beauty of Mathematics will usually score better in the A level examinations and will continue to develop life-long learning skills.

Over the years, we have developed concise materials to accelerate students’ learning cycle.  We recognise that there are students with differing abilities, and this requires customised and innovative pedagogical methods. For example, we have incorporated simple coding and programming for certain Math topics, using a Graphing calculator.

New Syllabus Requirements

We are deeply familiar with the latest A level syllabus requirements. The new syllabus places a lot more emphasis on the integration and application of various topics. For example, a question in the context of Finance relating to banking and insurance, requires students to relate to topics spanning across a spectrum of topics including Sequence and Series, Probability and Sampling distributions.

As such, we have developed new learning materials to help students tackle these new types of questions.


The teacher's unique and tailor-made pedagogy sparked a passion in me for Mathematics in JC. His in-depth knowledge of the syllabus cumulated in the ability to impart knowledge and explain complex concepts clearly and concisely. Understanding every student's weaknesses, he would source out relevant questions to ensure our content mastery, highlighting them to ensure we are alert and aware of our potential mistakes. His dedication to teaching is reflected in his willingness to stay back and clarify our queries, as well as caring about our holistic well-being. Thank you for the unwavering support that made every lesson fun and engaging, ultimately allowing me to excel in the A levels!

Clarice Ng
Eunioa Junior College 2019- 2020

When I first joined GrayMatter in Secondary 3, not only was I failing my Math, my attitude towards my studies wasn't that good either. Thanks to the guidance of Mr Lim, I managed to start doing better in my exam, eventually scoring an A1 in my A-Math O Levels exam.
Due to the big jump in difficulty level in JC, I wasn't able to do well in my H2 Math exams, scoring either Cs or Ds. But again with Mr Lim’s help, I was eventually able to score an A for my H2 Math in the A-Level exam. Mr Lim has not only been able to help me gain a better understanding of the subject but he also changed my attitude towards studying, thus helping me to do better.

Kelvin Ng
Temasek Junior College, Bedok South Sec School 2016 - 2019

Mr Lim has been a very patient tutor for Mathematics. His interest in the subject, as well as the skills that he imparts to his students has been very helpful in preparing students for the A levels. I was getting an S at prelims and finally got an A at the A levels. Even when I did not do as well, Mr Lim did not give up on me and continued to push me on.

Benjamin Ong
Nanyang Junior College 2018 - 2019

Mr Lim has helped me understand complex math concepts through the use of analogy and other means to put things into perspective. Along with the additional practice questions given to us, the preparation was sufficient which ultimately gave me the confidence in doing well in Math for the A Level exams! :-)

Jacelyn Tham
Hwa Chong Institute 2017 - 2018

Before attending GrayMatter, I was failing most of the tests in school and was having a hard time understand concepts. However after attending lessons at GrayMatter, I improved a lot. The math teacher at GrayMatter is very passionate in teaching and constantly encourages us to do better and learn from other students. He is also very patient and is always willing to stay back to answer the many questions that I had. GrayMatter provided us with a lot of notes and practice questions which was very helpful. Under the teacher’s continuous guidance, my Math improved tremendously from an E to an A for math and I am truly grateful for it.

Alexandra Low
Catholic Junior College 2017 - 2018

GrayMatter tutors not only push students to achieve excellent results, but also urge us to appreciate the subject. My 3 years in GrayMatter Math was well spent with a tutor who further developed my strengths and taught me how to overcome my weaknesses in the subject through tailored teaching. At the end of the journey, I regained my confidence in Math and developed a deeper interest in Math which further prompted me to try out the job of a Math teacher. I enjoyed GrayMatter lessons despite heavy school work and I am thankful for the support GrayMatter has given me for the past 3 years.

Xia Xing Yu
Dunman High School 2017 - 2018

GrayMatter has been extremely instrumental in improving my grades and my grasp of Mathematics. Mr Lim is not only an effective teacher that helped me to elucidate and understand mathematical concepts better, he is also an extremely compelling tutor that conveys his passion for the subject to his students. Under his guidance, I progressed from failing every test in high school to being confident of acing every one of them in JC. My time at GrayMatter has been undeniably a transformative one, and I think this testifies to the quality of education they provide.

Zachary Loh
Hwa Chong Institute 2016 - 2017

GrayMatter has provided me with concise notes and taught me efficient methods to study. I was able to understand topics with a lot more ease as compared to before I enrolled. This greatly helped me and allowed me to excel in the A Level Examinations. Thank you GrayMatter!

Wong Wei Qi
National JC 2016 - 2017

I used to have difficulties understanding the concepts in the various Math topics and applying them to different types of questions. But GrayMatter lessons were really clear in explaining the concepts and provided ample practice questions for all kinds of questions to appropriately prep me for the exams. Ultimately I improved from an S to A for my Math and I’m really thankful for that!

Riley Yap
Hwa Chong Institute (2015 – 2016)