GrayMatter Education | General Paper (GP)

The GrayMatter A level General Paper (GP) tuition program aims to help students develop the ability to think critically, construct cogent arguments and communicate ideas using clear, accurate and effective language.

The A level syllabus requires candidates to demonstrate a broad and mature understanding of a range of subject matter. We equip our students with bite-sized content in topics ranging from the humanities and culture as well as science and technology, including current affairs, issues of global significance and issues of significance to Singapore.

Through established methods, our lessons cover the essential skills for:

Essay Writing

  • Improving the quality of arguments
  • Resolution of conflicting arguments
  • Interpretation of issues
  • Forming an opinion and opposing viewpoints


  • Distinguishing arguments from alternative viewpoints
  • Paraphrasing
  • Tackling terms with multiple meaning
  • Tackling figure of speech
  • Summary writing
  • Specific techniques related to answering the Application Question (AQ)

Assignments will be given to assess and track students’ progress.


GrayMatter has played an instrumental role in my GP journey. The lessons are interesting, easy to follow and packed with useful skills and content stemming from the teacher’s experience. Thanks GrayMatter for helping me achieve my desired grades.

Ang Wei Xuan
Raffles Institution 2016 - 2017

GrayMatter GP classes are very beneficial. There are helpful content notes that improves our general knowledge. The teacher also goes through essays and comprehension by question type, making it easier for students to learn and apply. Thanks to all this, GP seems less of a daunting subject!

Htet Yamin Aung
National Junior College

GrayMatter played a large part in helping me achieve an A for GP. The lessons were well-tailored to suit my needs in my preparation for the exams. Under the guidance of the very experienced teacher at GrayMatter, I found myself improving steadily through my JC years, ultimately attaining an A grade in the ‘A’ levels. Thank you GrayMatter!

Soh Yi Ling
Meridian JC (2014 – 2015)

I personally feel that GrayMatter deserves the most credit in helping me to achieve my seemingly impossible A for GP. Initially, I find it a challenge to interpret question requirements. The GP tutor helped to break down the convoluted questions during lessons and guided us throughout our whole A level journey. Her lessons were very entertaining and the room was always filled with laughter. I am so thankful that I heeded my friend’s advice and joined Graymatter.

Tan Zi Xin
Anglo-Chinese JC (2013 – 2014)

When I first took on GP as a subject, I could hardly progress beyond a D or E. Hence, I have been desperately looking for GP tuition and have gone for lessons at many different tuition centres. I did not find myself improving until I attended tuition at GrayMatter. One of the major reasons for my huge improvement in GP to getting an A consistently would be the notes from GP lessons at GrayMatter. My GP tutor is very experienced, knowing every single A level question of the ten years series by heart. Not only is she engaging and humorous, she is also one of the most dedicated teachers that I have met. GP lessons were always a joy to attend and I would look forward to class every week. Thank you GrayMatter, you definitely had a huge part to play in helping me prepare for the A levels!

Clarice Yeo
Raffles Institution (JC) (2012 – 2013)

One of the most fortunate things that happened to me during my JC years was meeting my GP and Maths tutors from GrayMatter. They are truly great mentors who are willing to go the extra mile to help their students. After every lesson, you would just feel more confident with the subject. Even though I only joined the centre in J2, I could see significant improvements with my grades, from borderline passes to distinctions. Thank you so much!

Zhong Ying Yi
Raffles Institution (JC) (2012 – 2013)

My General Paper (GP) lessons at GrayMatter were a delight to attend – The teacher is very entertaining and always manages to teach us the skills we need to learn through interesting anecdotes. The notes and essay outlines given were very handy as well, eventually enabling me to score an “A” for GP at the A levels. I would highly recommend GrayMatter’s GP lessons to anyone who needs just that little bit of help to score well in school. Thank you, GrayMatter!

Yang Yu Xin
Hwa Chong Institution (JC) (2011 – 2012)

GrayMatter Education has really excellent General Paper (GP) tuition classes. Before I started taking lessons at GrayMatter, answering GP questions was really like a hit-and-miss. I had little idea how to interpret the questions, which can be quite convoluted, much less answer them properly. Attending the GP lessons really empowered me to pick up and address question requirements, and differentiate between very similar-looking questions. Every week, we also received very useful reading material that highlighted important world issues. My experience was a really positive one so I would recommend this GP tuition to anyone who needs help in the subject.

Cassandra Chow
Victoria Junior College (JC) (2010 – 2011)

The lessons were never dull and there were always lively discussions which encouraged thinking and learning. I knew without a doubt that with each lesson, I would learn something new. There was plenty of helpful reading material and tips to engage our minds and teach us how to handle the essays, AQs and comprehension questions.

Teo Ling Li
Raffles Institution (JC) (2009 – 2010)